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COVID-19 Testing

Discover COVID-19 testing services available at participating pharmacies.

Not sure what the difference is between a PCR test and an Antigen test?

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Private Testing for Asymptomatic Individuals

COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Testing and/or PCR testing is available at participating pharmacies for individuals requiring proof of negative COVID-19 test (travelers; employment or school attendance, etc.).

Prices and availability may vary. Contact your local pharmacy for more information and to confirm this service is available in your area.

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Publicly Funded PCR Testing

COVID-19 PCR testing is available in participating pharmacies and offered at no charge in some provinces.

Click on your province to see if you meet provincial eligibility for coverage and then contact your local pharmacy to confirm this service is available in your area.

Test results may take up to 1-5 days.

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Rapid Antigen Testing

COVID-19 Rapid Antigen testing kits are available in some provinces. Consult your province’s information to see if these kits will be distributed in your community.

These will be available while supplies last and subject to provincial supply.


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