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Pharmacist's Tip

Never underestimate the effect of food on your treatment. When your pharmacist gives you specific instructions regarding food, be sure to follow them! Otherwise, your treatment may not be fully effective or may even lead to side effects that could have been avoided. Always check with your pharmacist!

5 food categories that can interact with your medication

Discover why it’s important not to pair your medication with certain foods like grapefruit, dairy products or even caffeine, and what happens if you do.

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Services in your pharmacy
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Your pharmacist can prescribe medication for a minor health problem right away, provide advice on products or help you manage the medication you take for a chronic condition.
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If you’re thinking about losing weight, your pharmacist can shed a light on helpful products and make sure your medication doesn’t make you gain weight as a side effect.
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Sticking to your medication isn’t always a walk in the park. Your pharmacist is here to make minor or major adjustments to your therapy or provide you with custom formulas and innovative packaging to make it all easier.

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