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Prescription Renewals

Contact your local pharmacy to find out if these services are available.

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Online Renewals

Ideal for long-term drug therapies and chronic medication.

With the diem health® application, you can renew your medication online, set automatic renewals and even create reminders. You can view the list of all your medications and manage your family’s as well. 

Ask your pharmacist for more information.

Medication Synchronization

Multiple prescriptions? You can synchronize all of them at once.

This service is available for your own prescriptions and your family’s. 

A member of the pharmacy staff will contact you once your prescriptions are due to renew and will walk you through every step. Your pharmacist takes care of everything – ask them about medication synchronization.


Ideal for renewals on the spot.

You can renew your prescription directly on the phone. Dial your pharmacy’s phone number and talk to a member of the pharmacy staff or leave a message on the automized voicemail. 

At the pharmacy, ask a pharmacy staff member to help.
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Tip - Prescription Transfers

Switching pharmacies is easy! Simply provide us with the information of your current pharmacy and we’ll do the rest!

*Certain conditions apply