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Testing and Monitoring for Respiratory Health

Contact your local pharmacy to find out if these services are available.

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To keep an eye on your respiratory health
If you have asthma or are experiencing strep throat symptoms, talk to your pharmacist about these tests to ensure your respiratory health is in order.


Spirometry is a simple test that measures how much air flows in and out your lungs.This test can help diagnose certain lung diseases like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. This test will also confirm if your treatment is working well and if your condition is under control.

Rapid Strep Throat Testing

If you are experiencing symptoms related to a strep throat infection, a nurse will perform this screening test on site to ensure:

  1. That a bacteria is causing the infection 
  2. That antibiotics will be effective

Refer to your pharmacist to have your prescription taken care of then.