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Managing mental health conditions is challenging. It’s already hard enough to remember to take the medication on a regular basis on top of everything else. Let the pharmacist help you manage prescription renewals by synchronizing the refill dates. Your pharmacist can also assist you in your role as caregiver, and can refer you to support networks, as needed.

The typical schedule of an average Canadian family is often very full—some would say too full! Juggling between work, family and other obligations can be stressful and even exhausting at times. It’s therefore wise to achieve a certain balance by setting limits and being as organized as possible.

Discover 6 strategies for a better work-family balance

Services in your pharmacy
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Your pharmacist offers private consultations to discuss your personal situation, assess your current medication, talk about alternative options and make sure your side effects are not disruptive

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With some adjustments from your pharmacist, side effects can be minimized, harmful drug interactions can be limited and dosages can be decreased in a way that is not detrimental to your well-being.

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Having a list of your medication on hand in case of emergency, travel or a doctor appointment can be quite useful. Ask your pharmacist to prepare it.

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