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Maternity Services

Contact your local pharmacy to find out if these services are available.

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Maintain a healthy pregnancy and more
Your pharmacist can accompany you through the whole process until the baby arrives.

Advice on Vitamins

Folic acid plays an essential role in the development of your baby, even before the very first weeks of life.  

To make sure your body has a sufficient supply of folic acid when you do get pregnant, it is important to start taking folic acid supplements before you conceive. Ideally, you should start taking a supplement at least three months before stopping contraception. 

Talk to your pharmacist before choosing a product.

Advice on Medication

Some medication should be avoided during pregnancy or if you are breastfeeding because they can be harmful to the baby, even in small amounts. 

Before taking any medication if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, talk to your pharmacist to know more about potential adverse effects. 

If your little one is in need of OTC medication, your pharmacist can offer advice on the best way to administer it for your baby’s safety. 

Pregnancy-Related Symptoms

Nausea and acid reflux are common side effects pregnant women may experience. While they’re usually not serious, they can be pretty unpleasant. 

Your pharmacist can help you manage your symptoms and help you get back on your feet, while ensuring there are no risks for the baby. 

Gestational Diabetes

If you develop gestational diabetes during the course of your pregnancy and must take insulin to control it, your pharmacist will show you how and give you tips on how to manage your condition. 

They will also give you advice on how to monitor your blood glucose at home.  


If you are a new mother, you may need a breast pump. Fortunately, it is possible to rent this device and all its accessories in participating pharmacies.

Your pharmacist can also explain how to use it and how clean your breast pump equipment.  

App and Home Deliveries

Let your pharmacist come to you: use our app to get your prescriptions prepared ahead of time or to set up home delivery services to get your medication in the comfort of your own home. This might be useful towards the end of your pregnancy or when your baby is home with you.