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Personalized Medication

Sticking to your medication isn’t always easy
See how your pharmacist can provide your medication according to your personal preferences. 

Dosage Form

You prefer liquids over pills? Your pharmacist can turn your pills into a liquid formula if possible.


Some medication tastes bad, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Your pharmacist can add a flavour to improve the taste. This can go a long way, especially with children. 

Pill Size

If your pills are hard to swallow because of their size, ask your pharmacist if they can find a smaller alternative to make things easier. 

Allergy-Free Formula

If you are allergic to certain components of your medication, your pharmacist can find allergy-free formulations as a substitution.

Custom Dose

Your pharmacist can adjust your medication dosage to your needs or preference in order to minimize side effects and optimize results.

1 “Pill” For All

For certain types of medication and conditions (diabetes, hypertension, COBD and asthma), your pharmacist can make sure that some of your medications are combined into one.
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