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Testing and Monitoring for Cardiovascular Health

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To keep an eye on your cardiovascular health
If you are taking medication for your heart, your pharmacist could suggest some tests to determine if your blood pressure or your cholesterol is well managed or to see if adjustments to your treatment are necessary.

Hypertension Monitoring

You can get your blood pressure readings done in participating pharmacies using their on-site devices. These results can then be added to your personal health record.

With this data, your pharmacist can ensure your medication is doing what it should and that your blood pressure is within normal ranges.

Self-Monitoring Education

If you'd rather take your blood pressure in the comfort of your home, you can rely on blood pressure monitors.

Your pharmacist can suggest the best practices to get accurate readings and recommend devices that will meet your needs. 

Anticoagulant Treatment Monitoring (INR)

If you are taking warfarin or anticoagulants, blood tests are necessary to ensure that your anti-clotting medication is on target.

If your blood doesn’t clot properly, you could be at risk of dangerous bleeding or, on the contrary, blood clots. Your pharmacist can prescribe this test as needed and adjust your medication. You do not need to have a heart condition to get this test. 

Cholesterol Monitoring

Getting your cholesterol levels checked is an important step of preventing heart-related diseases and stroke, especially since there are usually no symptoms associated with high cholesterol.

Your pharmacist can prescribe this simple blood test if needed and make sure your cholesterol medication is working as it should.